I currently have a kk board on my tricopter, I have to make a decision about my next FC, Idon't know yet if it will be a Naza or an APM 2.

I couldn't find any info yet about the ability of APM2 to record the GPS track on the embedded SD card. Is it possible? I need the gps track to add georeference the photos I'm making (when I make photos on the ground with my DSLR I always record the gps track with my phone, and than sync the folder on my computer using GPicSync software)

Thank you.

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Yes. And also on the ground if you have telemetry enabled. Details here and here.

thank you for fast reply.

I planed to buy FrSky DIY TX module to be installed in my Turnigy 9x and compatible FrSky RX on the multicopter, now I have to consider the xbee too, or it would be ok with the new 3DR sistem ? 


If I get the 900MHz will be ok with my 2.4GHz TX and my 5.8GHz vTX  ?

Anyway I think the FrSky will still be good as it will also alert me when my TX link will be weak. 

Yes, 900Mhz is a good fit with those other devices.

It seems I must go with 433MHz as the 900MHz is used for GSM in Europe ..

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