Hi guys.


I'm a newcomer in DIY Drones as well as APM systems.

I learning to fly a quadrotor as well as setting it up.

I'm a student in my college trying these things out.

I need some help.


I got myself a APM 2.0 board together with the GPS chip and memory.

I managed to connect to the latest Mission Planner 1.2.32

I also add the Quadrotor system into the board. X system.

And I also managed to calibrate only the radio transmitter.


I'm using a GAUI Motor, SII-2208-1050KV

As well as the GAUI ESC, GE-010 10A

With a Futaba transmitter, T6EX and a Corona R6FA receiver.


However, when I connect just the ESCs to ouputs of the APM board and inport to the receiver.

I couldn't managed to make it start. I did one of the CSC, which is both command sticks bottom left.

It still didn't managed to start up.


Is there anything wrong I did? Or something that I missed out?

I just wanna make it a beginner quadrotor to begin with.


I will need some advices from some professionals. Thank you.

Looking forward to it!





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Please go through the Troubleshooting Guide here

Thanks Chris.


I managed to get my APM2.0 quad-rotor to fly!


Thanks for the link!

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