Hello Everyone,


does anyone know when the new apm 2.0 board is available?



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Marc. Follow this link especially posts made this week made by Jordi and Chris.


thanks terry,

ordered today :)



I just saw that the store had the APM2.0 in stock. Previously, the buying options had the GPS and the triple axis magnetometer under options but now it only shows GPS as an option. Does it mean that the APM2.0 board now comes with only GPS as an option and the triple axis magnetometer needs to be added on externally? Kind of confused.

Here was the old one. (sorry this was from a google's cached view and is hard to read

And here is the latest one.

I'm curious about that change also.

I am order 18582 and my order HAS NOT shipped yet. They stopped updating what the last order shipped was on 2-22-12.

Pls update last order shipped !!


oops not 18582 but 18564.


Mahesh Ganapathy Something wrong with your cache or you are catching them as they are updating the pictures and info. The new options shows two pictures of the two new daughter cards, with and without the GPS. The mag however is still there,They just plug in one new daughter board or the other depending on your choice

But more importantly to put you at rest, is the full spec on the APM2 still includes the mag. I think originally the pictures and info were rushed out and now that they are getting a chance to update the page after the rush is over. New stuff is getting added and updated.


I don't see the option for the external compass anymore either. But I only want the GPS external so it still works out ;)

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