Hello! I am here at a forum newcomer. And I need your help.
I'm having trouble with the settings firmware 3.1 for 550 helicopter.
Induced http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/traditional-helicopter-tuning/ technique does not match the firmware 3.1.
Please share the settings for 550 helicopter with FBL head!


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Vitaly, what is your problem specifically?

I'm looking for instructions to configure the firmware 3.1 for 550-600 helicopter.
For example, I turned H_STAB_COL_MAX and H_STAB_COL_MIN and 700 and 150, and under the instruction should be 90 and 30.

What I did:
In acro set H_COL_MIN, MID and MAX

then in stab mode set H_STAB_COL_MAX and H_STAB_COL_MIN if i write 90 and 30, expense I have turned out very small, I have added value to 700 and 150.

The instructions are examples of settings for 600:
For a 600 size heli the rudder (yaw) settings may look like this:

| | RATE_YAW_D | | 0.004 | |
| | RATE_YAW_FF | | 0.05 | |
| | RATE_YAW_I | | 0.15 | |
| | RATE_YAW_IMAX | | 2000 | |
| | RATE_YAW_P | | 0.38 | |

However, for example in 3.1 RATE_YAW_IMAX has a value from 0 to 800, but in the table 2000

And etc.!

Really do not want because of lack of instructions for configuring firmware 3.1, break a helicopter!
Please share the settings already working for the helicopter!


Today i update firware to 3.1.1

With H_STAB_COL_MAX and H_STAB_COL_MIN all good. But in Althold mode swash plate not responding to the throttle lever. Where to look for the problem?

The collective pitch will not operate in Alt Hold mode unless you have armed, and the main rotor is turning.

Today I tried to fly, and here is the result:


What happened?  What fell off?

Dear Sir : Can you upload your Param_file (APM) ? I learn it . Thanks !

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