Retrieved logs from first flight/crash and found log shows APM  alternating between "Circle Mode" and "Manual mode"  Even at  beginning of flight, red below,  plane  banks hard to the right when log shows manual mode.  Plane ditched before flying over water.

Any ideas what would cause this behavior? 

APM 2.5 programmed with Adruplane 2.65 under Mission Planner 1.2.12 mav 1.0.  Default settings plus channel 5 set to mode 4 for second aileron. Mode control set to channel 8 with 3 position switch on TX.

Radio gear was verified good before and after flight. Futuba T9CAP TX and  Hitec Fusion 9S RX, range tested to  60+m.  Old but dependable.  The way I like it.

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It appears to me like the APM was intermittently going into failsafe mode (Circle) then back to normal mode (Manual/Stab).  The only question is why was it entering failsafe?  As you said your Transmitter is assumed good, did you have telemetry?  If so did you have Telemetry link failsafe enabled?

Just a few ideas, I am no expert but its a start.  I would suggest you post your tlog as this is usually very helpful in figuring things out.

I did not have telemetry on this flight.   Plan to load defaults in the APM and use a Y cable instead of channel 5 and see what happens.  An interesting note on the Hitec Fusion 9, it has a built in fail safe that is set to bring all servos to their neutral positions.  So in theory the APM would never see "no" signal.   Even with the TX turned off.


Dont know if it is related.  I am brand new to this.  I bought a used APM2 board from RC Groups, loaded up the firmware and set up the board on a low budget foamie for testing.  Static testing worked good.  While flying in stabilize and FBWA, the system would stabilize but would intermittantly go into FS.  Switching to Manual regained control.

I was able to duplicate this on the ground.  MP showed the mode switching from manual to circle while switch in manual mode.  Radio system has worked perfectly up till now.  I reloaded firmware and ran set up.  All appeared normal. 

I flew again.  This time the aircraft went into FS and was slow to come out, even with switch in Manual.  On short final and in Manual,  the aircraft went into failsafe, overshot the runway and flew right into the side of my car.  Broken airplane, dent in Orange Hemi Challenger and wondering why this new gizmo doesn't seem to work. 


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