Help......Futaba 8fg TX with R6208SB receiver 

I am very new to all of this so please keep any suggestion simple thanks

i would like to set up stable mode only with a functioning fail safe to start with and get some time in the air.

After hours of trying with no success i give up

all of the setup i have tried result in the pwm jumping back up to 1100 or so with loss of transmitter signal

from what i understand this will result in launch of the quad

thanks   cam

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i know i have seen a tutorial specifically for the 8FG that had pictures, but i cant seem to find it right now.

try this one:

EDIT: nvm, i found the one i was refering to. it was actually to setup 6 flight modes.

Thanks ....will give it a shot 

could you send the link to the 6 flight mode set up

if this goes well???? may use it down the road 

thanks again Cam

someone did it for me^^

thanks me something to try


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