APM 2.5+ Assembled with 915Mhz (US) Telemetry Set ??

hi every one,
my APM 2.5+ Assembled (Side entry) with 915Mhz (US) Telemetry Set + 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 just arrived today but am a bit confused about its contents. What all should it include ? I have got APM 2.5 , a usb cable, a power module with its cable, and one more cable (which seeing in the pictures is supposed to be connected with the telemetry radio) . Am i supposed to get the telemetry radios as well in this setup or do i have to buy them separate? if separate then what does APM 2.5 with 915 MHZ TELEMETRY SET MEAN ??

Thanx for any help

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It looks like they forgot something in the packing process....

Looks like you're missing the radio transmitter and the receiver. Did you get the GPS module? Looks like you should have gotten that too along with its connection cable.

yup i got the GPS module with its cable but there is no radio transmitter and receiver

Hi Jani

Please send a message to sales@3DRobotics.com and they can answer any questions you have about your order.

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