Hi all have a small glitch :-( 

I have 4 x emax 2213 motors with the keyed prop mounts

so how do i turn the props upside down to do the compass mot ? 

Or do i just bolt the frame to the ground and do the compass mot

with the props the correct way up ? (just seems a little unsafe) 

sorry if its a daft question 

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I like.  That's the plan for the next time I need to test Fricasse mode.  Thanks!

In testing a heavy lift hex I was very uncertain about ANY sort of tethering, and then read about moving the props one position CW or CCW.

Now this thing is scary at full throttle but setup like this is no problem, as long as the legs can stand up to the load, as it is pushing itself down onto the floor.

MUCH safer than trying to restrain a ballistic missile.

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