APM 2.5 help..


I have been building my own version of the arducopter for the last few months and have run into some trouble..

My first problem was that it was overpowered and spun out of control when trying to compensate for wind, this seems to be fixed since I set the PID's for stabilization (which is the mode im in) to

Stabilize Control P (Was 4.5, set to 2)

Yaw Stabiliza Control P (Was 4.5 I think, set to 2)

This has allowed me to fly without crashing very successfully..

However, Im not sure where to go next, my friend has the DJI Naza and had a very similar experience until he bought a gps and used something called "GPS mode"..

I have the ublox-LEA GPS but I dont think its actually doing anything when Im in stabilize mode.. When I set the throttle and leave the other stick in the middle position it allways drift away. It doesnt even try to stay in one place..

Am I missing something, does the APM 2.5 not have this functionality ?

I have seen many videos of people releasing their radio and the quad stays firm in all kinds of weather, how are they achieving this ?

PS: I also have the 3dr radio and used it to make sure the GPS has a fix..

Also, sorry if this was posted in the wrong category.

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  • 100KM

    Indeed, for the copter to stay in the same place, you need to toggle a switch on your receiver to put the copter in loiter mode.

    But seriously, read the wiki. 

  • It seems there is a lot in the Wiki that you need to read.

    If you follow the Wiki index on the left and go through the steps of building, hookup, setup, calbration, etc you will have all the functions you could hope for.

    That includes position hold, loiter, waypoints, etc.

    RTFM  ;-)

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