Problem !
Twitches on my quadcopter only occur if the input of the APM's ch6 gets high input (100%). Like when a switch on the Tx is in position 1 or a nob is turned up.
When I reduce the input of ch6 to about 50% or disconnect the wire to ch6 entirely, the quadcopter stops twitching and flies perfectly.

I tried two different Tx and RX already even of different brands but no luck.

To be clear, it twitches even if ch6 on the APM's input is not enabled to any ch6 options or gimbal use at the Mission Planner. It is only connected by wire to the Rx to use a switch or knob on the Tx.
I'm therefore not able to use any ch6 opt at Mission Planner like Gimbal tilt or Tuning.
I've always had this problem with twiching on APM's ch6 on all firmwares I used so far(2.8, 2.9 and 3.0.1)

Does anyone has this problem too and found a solution ?

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Check this thread and see if it fixes your problem:


Thanks, but I'm not using PPM.

The TX and RX I tried are DEVO 10 and DX8.

Both haven't solved the problem.

I'm almost sure it has nothing to do with the TX or RX I'm using.

Only the APM's input ch6 is kind of faulty and causes the motor twitches when it gets a PWM input of about 75% to 100%. Below 75% are no twitches at all.

Everything else is working fine.

This problem is due to the internal PPM encoder in the APM.  It comes into effect when you don't use CPPM to connect your radio (AFAIK).  I recommend you update the PPM encoder firmware in your APM if you haven't. It's a separate operation from normal firmware flashing.


today I updated the PPM encoder firmware as you suggested and I went outside to test it.

The twitching it is gone !!

It flies perfectly now. I would've never thought to update the PPM encoder even if I don't use PPM at all.

It works so thank you a lot !!

That's great!  Glad I could help.

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