Hey everyone, I just received a Arducopter kit w/ full electronics, assembled it, everything is connected, installed MP, loaded driver, loaded 2.8.1 firmware. Problem I am getting is I cannot get Mission Planner to recognize the compass, doesnt work in Flight Data. Also the console reads No dataflash inserted  Compass Init Error. Attached are two screenshot I hope helps troubleshoot this. I hope the board isnt DOA.. The APM 2.5 came assembled in the case, but was missing 3 of 4 screws and the rubber reset button, bit surprised with this... Anyways, looking forward to any and all suggestions on getting this up and running. I am stationed in Japan and would like to see about troubleshooting this before sending it back to the vendor. Long mail times :P Thanks!


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Okay, I have checked the power on a few places on the board I cannot find a low voltage.

 I don't think This is the problem.

Now that I have the case off, I think I see solder jumping two wires at the Micro USB plug. check my next post for details  I will need advice on this one.

Are these wires suppose to be soldered together on the micro usb plug?

I am unable to get My APM 2.5 working. 

I am also getting no response from GPS or movement during flight Data, Gps does work in terminal test.  It worked until I plugged in my CSRC-RX3000 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz 6-Ch Receiver.

I would like to use My Plane APM for Way-points fun after I get it to work properly. 

I also bought the air speed sensor, the standard 3dr GPS. I am have no need for a portable base station. I do not have telemetry. Do I need It?

I get a blue on the gps and the board. I continue to get a disabled GPS, accelerometer, and failed to connect to  MPU6000 5 times problem.

The first time I plugged in the APM 2.5 after loading arduplane 2.7 and "COM5"connecting @115200  it seemed to work fine. I could see my location on the map and the horizon display move.

Any help or pictures to compare my plug soldering to. Thanks

Thanks for everyones help, I am unsure what I need to do.

I just checked my board and the USB pins are all separated properly. 

Well, my board is fixed! Replacement of the (SOT23-5) voltage regulator at U3 is all it took. Sensors are back up and there are no errors in Terminal. It is a tiny CB repair, but with proper technique is not a problem.

My board gave me this 'No dataflash COMPASS INIT' error, must've happened mid-flight. My board is slightly different though, ver2.5.1. Any idea what to check ?

But more importantly, anyone got any clue as to why this happened ? I am using the power module to power the board which still works.

Having the same problem! Happened just now. I've checked output voltage as Al suggested, mine reads 5.02 V input - 0 V output...  :( 

Contacted jDrones for support.. 

Just wanted to share this info w/ You guys - looks like that voltage regulator is not best of the quality :/


APM 2.5.2 here.


Thanks Al Lowrie ! ^^

Same issue here nenoxtreme! purchased from the same place. Maybe there was a bad batch, How did you go fixing it?

Chris, what do we need to do to get an RMA from 3dr?  

My brand new APM 2.5 board is showing the exact same low voltage symptoms reported in this thread, and I've emailed help@3drobotics twice now with no (non-automated) response.

Well , I recommend opening ticket at jDrones support center (http://store.jdrones.com/Articles.asp?ID=238). Jani from jDrones still didn't offer any solution for my issue ... :( but if all of us report same issue - maybe that will change. 

A friend of mine had same problem, different vendor though, he bought TPS79133 chip in local store for 2 Euros... and replaced it. Here is how:

- using brute force and tiny scalpel - he removed chip from base (be careful not to damage soldering base - the square shaped shiny thing that you solder chip to)

- placed chip on the board (it's easy ay you have 3-legs on one side, 2-legs on other side - so you can't make mistake and place them in wrong orientation)

- using regular soldering station QUICKLY soldered legs to solder base I mentioned before. Used tinny tiny tweezers to touch leg he was soldering while soldering effectively turning tweezers into heat pipe (so heat wouldn't damage chip itself)

So if you feel comfortable enough to try, go for it - for me personally I'm not soldering expert, nor I'm brave enough to try that - and I'd like jDrones to fix my problem as it's faulty product under warranty. So I'm still hoping...

Hope this helps! 

Yeh, have opened a ticket. Am waiting on a reply. I am hoping they will cover the costs of the parts + postage that I have ordered, it would be cheaper than paying for postage both ways and the cost of another unit.

I'm hoping too .. for both of us :)

Please keep me updated, good news or bad news - I'd really like to know .. I promise to do the same. 

Good luck !

i think these 2 pins must be sepreated

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