Hey everyone, I just received a Arducopter kit w/ full electronics, assembled it, everything is connected, installed MP, loaded driver, loaded 2.8.1 firmware. Problem I am getting is I cannot get Mission Planner to recognize the compass, doesnt work in Flight Data. Also the console reads No dataflash inserted  Compass Init Error. Attached are two screenshot I hope helps troubleshoot this. I hope the board isnt DOA.. The APM 2.5 came assembled in the case, but was missing 3 of 4 screws and the rubber reset button, bit surprised with this... Anyways, looking forward to any and all suggestions on getting this up and running. I am stationed in Japan and would like to see about troubleshooting this before sending it back to the vendor. Long mail times :P Thanks!


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Tried again to troubleshoot today and no luck.. I was able to get the quad to throttle up and down but cant figure out how to fix the compass or dataflash.. Will call 3dr when they open and see what they have to say. Thanks.

Please email help@3drobotics.com. They should be able to get you a RMA on that board ASAP. 

Hi all!
after firmware update to 2.9 i making one test flight, and then started getting the same error
what could be the problem?

APM is not initialized, the connection is established in MP, I can change the settings, but the information from the sensors do not get.



Well i've just fix my board on 3:00 a.m. (Hong Kong time). i've find that the 3.3V power supply ic damaged, when i use a external dc supply (by agilent) instead, the board working again. so that tells me i should change the ic TPS79133 near socket GPS and socket ATx-U2. it's a small ic with 5pins ( SOT23-5 ) and it costs about 0.5$/pcs in china.

I am in same boat, sensors do not respond to manual movement but once GPS is fixed it seems to fy around and simulate a moving horizon. 3-4 weeks I have been trying to sort out accel calibration and the nan nan nan anan message is getting very annoying! LOL! When I try early vrs 2.8 etc the calibration does not even get past command recieved prompt. Firmware screen id's board as 2560-2 if that helps with your board issue. I did get log erase suggestion from Carmen at 3DR but no luck. Even tried eeprom erase and reset before firmware loads. I have spent 25hrs plus researching and trying to get it flying in just a basic auto level mode. My Ublox LEA 3dr had a non-contact cap on board too I  had to fix pcb copper lead actually peeled up when recieved. Hope you found the fix I need.


I just checked, and found that I have only 1.34v on the output pins of U3. Are you saying that if I apply 3.3v to the output pins the board should power up? If so, that would be really good news.

WarMonkey, can you please take a picture of what you replaced and post it here as I can't seem to find this ic?

The TPS79133 (SOT23-5) chip is new on the APM2.5.2 board. It is a 3.3v regulator. I have only 1.3 volts at the output pins. I have ordered a new one from DigiKey. Hopefully it is my only problem as well.

Is there a full hardware test that can be run on APM 2.5 from the CLI? I'd like to run a test on my new APM instead of finding issues the hard way.

Ahhh, thanks Al, mine is APM2.0, so doesn't have that regulator yet has the same MPU6000 problem.

I am also getting no response from GPS or movement.  It worked until I plugged in my CSRC-RX3000 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz 6-Ch Receiver.

I would like to use My Plane APM for Way-points fun after I get it to work properly. 

I also bought the air speed sensor, the standard 3dr GPS. I am have no need for a portable base station. I do not have telemetry. Do I need It?

I get a blue on the gps and the board. I continue to get a disabled GPS, accelerometer, and failed to connect to  MPU6000 5 times problem.

The first time I plugged in the APM 2.5 after loading arduplane 2.7 and "COM5"connecting @115200  it seemed to work fine. I could see my location on the map and the horizon display move.

I have Tried following similar complaints with no success. 

I am getting to the point beyond upset! Please Help!

How do I test the entire APM?

There is no way to test the entire board other than through the tests available on the terminal window of MP. If (like me) you can not access "logs" in the terminal to do a complete reformat of the dataflash, then check to see if your  3.3v circuits have power. My board appears to be fine, but all the sensors are offline.

What I know:

1. Try reformatting the dataflash chip. Depending on the firmware loaded, you may need to reformat the dataflash chip by going to the terminal, then logs, and then erase. This may take a few minutes. If you succeed,  then reload your FW. If not.....

2. My new board is an APM2.5.2 which appears may have an issue with the 3.3v power regulator. Check for 3.3v power on the output side of U3 (TPS79133) see image above. Output is the upper side with two pins. If you have low or no voltage here, then all your sensors will be dead and you will get errors in terminal startup. This is a (SOT23-5) voltage regulator. I ordered two of them for $5.17 (including shipping) from DigiKey and should have them in a day or two. I will get mine replaced in the next couple days. I will post my results here.

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