I just bought the APM 2.5+ Assembled with the 915Mhz Telemetry. I also bought the uBlox GPS.  When I plug the APM into the USB and launch the Terminal I get:

Init ArduCopter V2.9

Free RAM: 1819
FW Ver: 120

load_all took 1440us
No dataflash inserted COMPASS INIT ERROR

Press ENTER 3 times to start interactive setup

I've tried using an older firmware and everything, it always shows "No dataflash inserted COMPASS INIT ERROR"

What am I doing wrong?


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Measured the 3.3V circuit draw <10mA only. It seems normal!

Anyway, I'll test it again by replacing U3 with ASM1117-3.3 instead.

Replaced U3 by AMS1117-3.3V, everything resumed!


I'm using an APM2.5 running arducopter 2.9.1b frmware for my hexa-c RTF from 3drobotics.com. Have a taoglas GPS module on it.

the board powers up fine, and i was able to do ESC calibrations, but can't arm the motors.

noticed that on connecting board to MP, CLI mode. i get   3No dataflash inserted3COMPASS INIT ERROR

All sensor tests in CLI, give not healthy message or hangs. (GPS, altitude,compass)

can't do accel calib, can't set level etc.

tried setup/erase then setup/reset commands, redid the radio and esc calib. still no onboard sensors.

I tested the voltage across the TPS79133, input is 4.96V and output 0.96V

does this mean that the sensors need to work at 3.3V and that without it, the sensors aren't gonna work?

If so. Can i still arm the drone and get control of the motors directly from RC controller?

I'm looking for a more detailed explanation of what the TPS79133 is doing and what it's supposed to do, and how i can work around the issue.

Would really appreciate a response other than contact 3dr help and ask for replacement.


TPS 79133 is a 3.3V LDO regulator which provide stable power to all sensors including dataflash chip on the board. I've replaced it by more common 3.3V regulator, AMS1117-3.3, and tried 4 test flights without problem.

Rohan this sounds almost exactly what I am experiencing.

Please repost any solutions to the arming, gps and usb connectivity issues.

Could they be related?

I will post my details if someone thinks they can debug it.

Thanks so much.


I also got the dreaded "no data flash inserted" on my APM V2.5.2.  I checked the regulator for 3.3V and it was fine.

You may want to try the following if your problem is the same as mine.

  • Remove the APM board from its case
  • Firmly squeeze the bare board with one finger over the data flash chip marked ATMEL 45DBxxxxx located kitty corner from the GPS/UART1 connector.  The chip only has 8 pins that show.
  • Then plug the APM into the USB power still squeezing the chip and board together and see if the error goes away.
  • If it does then put a tiny dab of solder paste on each pin and reheat each pin with your iron just long enough to re-flow the existing solder.

Voila you may have saved your APM like me!  No error and the flight data logs are available once again.

Apparently a little flexing of the board can cause the very large stiff ATMEL dataflash to pop a solder connection.  I wonder if putting chips this large without flex legs on a board that routinely sees flexing in crashes is the best way to go.


I'm getting the same error on my APM 2.5 (not 2.5.x). 3.3V regulator is fine. Baro and compass tests run fine in the CLI. I tried what you suggested, squeezing the chip. That didn't help. Any ideas what might be wrong?

I'm getting the same error on my APM 2.5 (not 2.5.x). 3.3V regulator is fine. Baro and compass tests run fine in the CLI. I tried what you suggested, squeezing the chip. That didn't help. Any ideas what might be wrong? i have the sam issue as you!


I have the same problem. Got a  arducopter last week it fly's very nice, but when I tried to get the logs from it

I get no dataflash inserted.

found that the logging was disabled so I enabled it unplugged it and took it for a spin again.

Connected it to my laptop and guess what no dataflash inserted went back into settings and

it was disabled just wont enable just gets disabled no matter what I do.

Checked the forum for issues and found members with power problems on the regulator.

Mine has the 3.3 Volts  on the regulator

suggestions are welcome.



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