Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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Have you installeed drivers for FTDI USB<->SERIAL on Windows?( Drivers page )


1) Upload NM_CRIUS_UBLOX_NEO6_config.txt to your GPS NEO 6.

2) Rebuild your AC 3.0-rc4 with this AP_GPS_UBLOX.cpp modified file.

3) Try to fly ;)

Good luck!

I had few successfull flights on quad with my modification and I can say loiter became more stable to me.

Hi Christian,

Here is the connection diagram with color of wires on my CRIUS CN-06

[GPS side]               [FTDI side]

GND --------black-------- GND

RXD <------green--------- TXD

TXD --------yellow------> RXD


Please note: colors of your CRIUS cable may differ from my one. Please refer to pins assignment label at CRIUS board.

Thanks, I got a white instead of yellow, is it the same?

Ps: I'm using a regular USB cable


You should NOT connect to USB directly! You should use USB to SERIAL TTL converter based on FTDI chip.

Thanks, do you have some links from where I can source all this material?

Hi Christian,

which config file do you mean? What I know, I always check, whether is SBAS configured for EGNOS and I leave there in configuration just first three relevant EGNOS satellite because that fourth one in from my locacation invisible. R.

Here is:

FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V from SparkFun or FTDI Cable 3.3V from 3drobotics.

Thanks very kind, how do I connect is USB to ? And the chip from ? To ?

Sorry I'm really new to this stuff

Hey guys,

I tried using these files from this thread with NEO-6m and APM 2.5. I'm also using firmware 2.9.1b. When i use loiter mode my quad sometimes towels in a direction like the gps is telling the apm its position has changed drastically. I also live in europe and this GPS cant use galileu satellites. I didnt had this problem when i used LEA-6H with MPNG


Hi Goncalo,

Please try to use this modified files:

1) Upload NM_CRIUS_UBLOX_NEO6_config.txt to your GPS NEO 6.

2) Rebuild your AC_2.9.1b ~ AC_3.0-rc5 with this AP_GPS_UBLOX.cpp modified file.

It shows much better performance to me.

Would be great to get some feedback from you.

so i have to program my APM with arduino right? Never done that although it must be easier comparing to MPNG. Does the NEO keep its setting if it looses the battery? I just have t put AP_GPS_UBLOX_cpp on the libraries? Is that file safe to use? Did you experience that toweling movent after loitering for a bit?

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