Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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using your config and cpp with 3.0rc5 and I have an issue selecting CLI/test7gps. The APM resets on calling the gps test. I reverted back to the original cpp and it still resets. Can you please try this and check if it is a problem with the config? Shouldn't the original cpp have overwritten the config again? Maybe it is an issue with rc5.



Yes...can you please do step by step instruction Michael Naumov

Hi Michael,

This is known issue https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues/347

and it is not solved yet for now.

Hi Jani,

I think you are right regarding RX pin on GPS. We can cancel any attempts of rewriting GPS configuration by simple detaching RX pin from GPS module. :)

Regarding number of satellites. I have increased the size of ground plate up to 40x40mm.  Sometimes my NEO-6 finds not enough sats. Mostly it happens of my video TX working at 1.2GHz. I have increased (in config) min count of sats to 5 and left fix type to 3D only. Also I have maximized duty cycle of GPS receiver to make sats acquisition as fast as possible. 



If you get timeouts when uploading config, try to set U-Center->Receiver->Autobauding.

Another promising GPS module is this one: www.benl.ebay.be/itm//360654306732 the PCI-5S. It features a USB connection (on the minipci-e connector) as well as standard UART on testpads on the bottom. The price can't be beaten. The PPS signal is also available on a testpad. The module can be cut in two if the PCI-e connector is not needed (power+USB is also present on testpads). I like the fact that an external antenna can be connected, this allows mounting the antenna in a spot with little interference, without having to move the entire module. It can be set to 5Hz using u-center.

I have not tested it with APM, but used it for navigation applications and it performs very well, even in urban canyons. I expect it to only work better with a clear view of the sky.

How hard would it be to use this board?



It supports glonass! + what ever aerial you wanted. 


I am using that one with external u-blox antenna you can buy on same page no problems..iwe just uploaded diydrones configuration text and did no other settings in u-center(do i have to do it to see glonas i dont know,i am open to sugestions) 3d fix is very fast(5 to 60sec),i usually see 8-9 sats and HDOP 1 to 2...my position is in east Europe(Croatia)

Ok, thats great. Can I ask

What aerial do you use?

How have you found it performance wise ?

Have you used others how does it compare to those?


since i have APM 2.0 i use to have only mediatek coming with board with upgreaded 1.9 soft

i think its much better but i am really no expert in GPS like some people here..if i can do some test for you i can try....

this is antenna http://www.csgshop.com/product.php?id_product=123 i only had to cut antena cable bcs it was 2m...be sure to order this http://www.csgshop.com/product.php?id_product=134 to be able to program it,and few of this http://www.csgshop.com/product.php?id_product=133 (u can program it only with this 4 pin)

and this http://www.csgshop.com/product.php?id_product=132 (to connect to APM)they break very easy

i didn order spare ones and now i need to pay 50$ post tax for 6$ cables..... :-(

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