Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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Just ignore the Error message. All works fine. I just did this step last week and it's no problem.

Thank you so much Peter.

Solved following your hint

Copied from Web View and paste in to a new txt file.

Its working very well with a sensibility way better than mediatek. 3d fix also indoor.


Anyone know how to connect the GPS to the APM??? 

Because I found that red is the GND! But the others I do not know

Thank you in advance for your help

Does this mean i can use my NEO6M-0-001 forom Rabbitt FC(also can i use rabbit as camera gimbal control?is it better than APM2.0 camera control) too?its probably older than yours bcs i bought it almost 6months ago

who knows would be posssible to use Ublox lea 7 when becomes avlible


it says there:"This 5th generation module in the LEA form factor allows simple migration from LEA-6 GPS and LEA-6N GPS/GLONASS modules"

i am waiting for that one thats why i dont upgrade to 3dr one....

He i recently (two days ago) got the gps working with the ardumega, by default it will work with the ardu mega, and it is very easy to reprogram in u-center

As follows Blue is PPS (dont use)

GND is Green

RX is white

TX is yellow

VDD is blck

PEN is RED   (dont use)


thank you for this answer,
I tried but it does not work, I tried from 9600 to 115200
to power, it displays strange character but no dialogue ....

remember on the ardumega you must cross tx and rx round

you likely did this: tx to tx, rx to rx

switch tx to rx, rx to tx

For the moment, i'm testing only with ftdi cable to upload the .txt.

I confirm,actually  rx to tx ... 

The LEA-6H($75.99) vs NEO-6M($28)

The real difference is that the LEA-GH has the ability to :

-upgrade the Firmware (won't use it as you don't want Galileo/GloNass)

-receive data from Galileo(EUROPE) and GloNass(RUSSIA) Satellites with upgraded firmware

-a TCXO Crystal which allows accelerated weak signal acquisition, enabling faster start and reacquisition times

-1dBm more sensitive in Tracking/Cold Starts/Hot Starts

other than that.. not really much...  If you live in North America,  GPS is better for you than Galileo/GloNass, the TCXO performance is generally considerably better than that of a normal crystal oscillator. Figures within the range

1 to 5 ppm are often achieved (probably not noticeable to us...) and finally... does the 1dBm really make a difference, is anyone noticing it... 

I personal bought the NEO-6 and testing... no field testing yet... but have done my book research.  

all the best!

Does the multi-GNSS capability mean that it can mix the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS data together and give the best combination result as an output? Or is it so that you have to choose what system to use?

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