Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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I have been running APM 2.5 with NEO-6M using arduplane 2.65 and arducopter 2.81 with no problem just upgraded Firmware  to Arduplabe 2.70 and Arducopter 2.91 now neither boards are working with NEO 6M, does anybody know what is changed ?



My problem is quite similare. My NEO-6M is not working (GPS no fix) and i have 2.91 firmware on arducopter.

I rode that it should be plug n play but this is not working for me

anyone for helping us ?

NEO-6M should work just fine, so long as you have  its set for the correct baud rate of 38400

It works much better if you load the 3DR.txt file for that you will need an FTDI cable and u-center software, full details here Configuring a uBlox module

Connecting it to FTDI cable looks like this

I am using RCtimer CN-06 V2 with 2.9.1 and even 2.9.1b without nay issues.

Tks for reply

in fact, it does work : the GPS started to fix  during my first flight (outside)

Now it can also detect satellite when i 'm inside (at home), which it used not to do...

where can i found the new firmware for lea 6?you say that it has firmware upgrade for europeen sat but no idea where to find and how to upgrad it

That FTDI adapter should work just fine. Be sure to follow the wiring diagram mentioned by Joe (earlier in this thread) as the GPS cable doesn't plug directly into the adapter.

You may want to read through this very informative thread by Matt, it contains a lot of information about how to upload the .txt files and using the uCenter application.



Is this what you're looking for?



Thanks. I read somewhere that gps will only take 3.3v. Does that mean the uBlox only take 3.3v as well?

As far as I know 5v is OK. You may want to look at this post from Joe on RCGroups. I used my FTDI adapter at 5 volts when I uploaded the configuration file to my Crius CN-06 V2 GPS, it worked just fine.



Cheers. I will try with 5v then

Check out our jDrones ArduCopter/Plane/Rover specific GPS devices. Those will work directly ouf from box and they are really good. I posted blog about those here in DIYDrones few weeks ago. Link is above.


These are direct replacements for jD/3DR MediaTEK and other GPS modules for all ArduCopter/Plane/Rover use. No need to play with settings, create custom cable harnesses, mounts etc. 

 You can use them directly with APM1.4 - 2.5

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