Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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thanks again Para!

thinking about buying the LEA from 3DR as well to get the best GPS performance as possible.



Hi Para ..how do you connect the CN06 to the labtop ..I have a usb module with DTR, RTS, CTS, GND, 5v, Rx, Tx, 3.3v ..  My CN06 version 2.0 only has the small 4 pin plug that connects to the APM..  How do I get it to talk to the Ublox software and which pins do I connect and where?  Thanks Reuben

Are you sure work then?
I've here the same gps module (a friend bought the complete ardyflyer kit from rc-timer) with firmware 7.03 and see always "no fix" after the configuration upgrade.
I'm curious to see if it has the same performance of version 6H, but i don't think.

I have 3 Crius modules now. On APM2.0, 2.5 and the AIOP. One is an older v1 retrofitted with an eeprom, the other are v2. All three reconfigured with 3DR-Ublox.

On MPNG you'd manually edit the config for 38400/ublox. On the APMs I just load via MP. No beta-testing in this cold :(

I've been flying both for months, can't see any performance differences between them!

I read on rcgroups that someone compared how good they were.  His conclusion was that the prestations of the rctimer ublox gps were comparable to those of the 3DR LEA-6H.

Marco, for initial lock you must give the gps a good look at the sky for a few minutes.  After that it will get lock inside the house too.

I now have over 20 successful missions with my arduflyer kit on my mscomposit swiftII flying wing and no failures apart from a battery empty and a configuration error, but those were all my fault.

Sound good, thanks mate!

This is from a noob (still building my first quad) but I've been around R/C, GPS and computers for years.

I purchased an APM 2.5 module and a uBolx CN-06 V2 a month ago from RCTimer. It came with the correct 4 pin cable. I plugged it directly into the APM, fired it up via Mission Planner and it works fine.

How accurate it will be in the air I don't know but it is seeing 10 satellites inside my house and has an EPE of 15' or so.

I've read a lot of posts the firmware should be updated to get it to work but like I said mine was plug and play. More to come when it actually flies I guess.

This is the GPS I'm referring to: RCTimer uBlox GPS


Jim, you cannot update the firmware on the NEO- series. You can only store some preferences in the EEPROM attached to it. It will boot and work "plug'n play" but then you'd have only 1Hz position update and it will spew useless NMEA sentences on the line, which the CPU will have to drop and ignore, resulting in degraded overall performance.

Everybody and their cats are trying to squeeze the last drop of efficiency from this seemingly outdated 8-bit technology, that somehow marvelously still suits our needs in a world dominated by multi-core 32/64-bit processing. ;)


Thanks so much for the information. This is the first clear answer I've received concerning 'why' I would want to change what's in the EEPROM. I will look into doing just that, can't see why I wouldn't want to. I'll have to dig around here and see if I have an FTDI adapter I can make fit the the NEO. If not I'll dig one up from eBay.

Still a noob but learning everyday - thanks!


i have received this one from HK


but when i try to upload th 3DR txt from ucenter i obtain

"Corupted configuration file in line 5:1. Unable to store configuration to GPS receiver"

ANy idea on how to solve it ?

You might have invalid characters on that file. Try stripping off leading and trailing spaces.

Presume you used the raw text file option as opposed to directly copying the text off the webpage.

Can't think of any other reason for the error! It has to be the txt file...

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