Hi All,

So my APM 2.5, which was arming and which I had configured nicely only last week, now won't arm in mission planner and can't be configured. Weirdly enough, though, when I hit the connect button MAVLINK has no problem getting all of the values it needs, then shows "connected".

The only thing that's changed is the recent Mission Planner update(s). What is going on here? I can't even load firmware now because when I try the APM just disconnects.

Any Ideas?


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please check power issues.

Sorry I'm quite new to this, what do you mean exactly by "Power Issues"?

Thanks for the Mission Planner software btw, it's quite easy to use, this is the first time I've had an issue like this.

if the apm is autodisconnecting usualy it means the apm is browning out.

What could cause that? And why now? It was fine a week ago

Also, why won't it arm?


Did you get this resolved as I am having the same problem. Was working fine... Now it won't initialize

Yes, I think the problem was being caused by the simulation firmware I had uploaded to the APM, so that I could run HIL with XPlane 10. In sim mode, the APM won't arm unless the link to the sim is good. On mine it wasn't, due to some UDP port error I don't understand. Anyway I went to put the normal firmware Arduplane 2.69 back on it and that failed with some strange error message...so that's why the APM wouldn't arm.

I fixed it by reverting back to Mission Planner 1.2.30, first thing I did was load the Arduplane 2.69 firmware onto the APM. All works fine now. I still can't use the simulator but at least I can use the APM in the field.

Hope this helps!

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