APM 2.6 Flip FPV not Taking Off at all not enough throttle power

Hey Guys!

I'm completely new to quadcopters and I decided to built my own quad about a month ago, I chose to go with APM 2.6 because it seem just awesome what the possibilities are with it.

To this point I'm ready to start flying but I haven't been able to accomplish take off at all, I', completely lost and don't know what else to do, I've gone throughout the set up as recommended, but when doing a ESC calibration I don't get the beeps like the videos in youtube show but I do get the motors spending and responding to throttle on the last step of the calibration.

I'm able to arm and disarm but when trying to take off in stabilized mode it seems like the throttle won't generate enough juice to make the quad elevate, when I push the throttle stick side way (ROLL) it looks like all the juice is there and even wants to flip the quad.

here's a straight link to the video just in case it doesn't show embedded: my video

This is a video I uploaded to youtube of what the problem is:

I'm using:

DX8 transmitter 

F30A Fire Red Series SimonK-(RapidESC)

SunnySky X3108S KV900 brushless motors

HQ Props 9x5 Carbon Composite Props

APM 2.6 with GPS/Compass and Telemetry

AR6210 DSMX® 6-channel receiver

Flip FPV Pro G Frame

Another thing I notice is that "terminal" tab is not on my mission planner latest update.

PLEASE HELP! I've had this issue for a few weeks now and almost ready to give up!! I would really appreciate any help!



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Another victim to the thr_max issue on the latest firmware version and mission planner. Thanks to this thread I could find the advanced parameters.

Cheers guys

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