Can anybody help me about the issues below:

1) I want to import all sensor data of apm board (gps, magnetometer...) to matlab/simulink and send trajectory data(a set of 3 axis coordinates of target nodes in order)
2) I want to get speed transfer function of motors real time in order to get PID parameters via matlab/simulink(i know that we can tune PID parameters via mission planner soft. but i want to learn about this method)


Which method is useful for the purposes above:

-mission planner soft-matlab connection via serial port

-apm 2.6 and arduimo ide connection via xbee-usb and then arduino ide and matlab connection via serial port. Thank you.

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Hi serkancaska,

I´m trying to import all sensor data of apm (principally roll, rollin...etc), to do some adjust on PIDs and get the reponse in real time, and I would like to know if you have found any solutions??

If you want to get in contact in private here is my personal mail:


Thank you very much for your time!!  It´s important!

Juan Antonio

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