Hey guys, can anybody help me solve this problem I'm having? here's a short video on what's happening with my APM 2.6

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Does the compass move when you rotate it. You can turn off arming checks you might have to adjust your end points in your radio. You do have the radio set for acro correct.

Hi, I vaguely remember having been in this situation and having pulled the SD card out and read the boot.log file. And having found useful information there about a HW error I had, which caused it (bad compass wires in my case).

I also remember that you can get a live boot log on the UART4/5 port. This requires that you know how to build a get a serial cable and how to read the incoming data in a terminal program (it sounds more difficult than it is).



Hi Guerrilla Drone,

I have the same problem. Have you found the way how to solve it?

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