I have just started assembling my setup
that includes the 3DR APM 2.6 + GPS/MAG
combo. I am running into a snag.

My setup:

-FrySky (D8RII Plus) + Turnigy 9XR

I have only the signal wires coming from
my reciever into the input rails of the APM.
I can tell that it is working because it defaults
to stablized mode and the APM takes over and tries
to do attitude corrections.

The only problem is that I can't calibrate
my radio as it does not detect my stick movements.
Without the APM in the middle it works just fine.
I am wondering, am I missing a special step needed
for my setup? I have to be overlooking something! Any
help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for keeping
the community alive and kicking!

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I am up for any and all suggestions! :(

How are you powering the APM and your receiver?  If using the power module, you will need to use at lease one 3 pin plug from your APM to the receiver so that the receiver gets power. Any channel will do, even one you are not using.   Can't tell, but just thought I would post in case it helps.

Thanks for the reply Joe! I am currently using the power module to power it. The way that I am powering my receiver is by way of a standalone turnigy bec. I am really scratching my head on this one. I have been staring at google for a while now trying to find some answers. I will post some pictures of my setup when I get off of work tonight.

Not an expert here, but Possibly you will still need a common ground to complete the signal circuit between the APM and receiver.. But  I don't think you want both the APM power module and a separate power supply( your BEC)  to the receiver !!    I would try disconnecting the standalone BEC completely and see if you can get power to the receiver through the APM connections with a three pin wire attached between the APM and receiver on one channel.  I have just the power module connected and all works fine.  I am using both 3 and 4 cell batteries. If you are using more than 4 cells, then there are different ways to do this as I think 4 cells is the max for the power module.

I will give this a try when I get home! Sound advice. What type of receiver do you have?

Thanks for the tip joe! That solved my issue. Mission Planner is now detecting input from my radio. Can't believe I overlooked that.

Hi Joe,

I have the same issue like Matt.

It seams that the link above is not available anymore.

Can you please help me figure it out.


PS: thank you Matt for this topic!

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