APM 2.6 start flipping plane in flight when in auto, Could this be the problem?

Hey guys,

              After sorting the X5 (Thanks Chris Anderson) The X5 flew perfectly! could ask for a better platform, flew the waypoint perfectly..turns out a low L1 period and low angle of of bank(45 deg) makes it a perfect flyer.

That said in one mission where I was surveying as i turned my head from the laptop the the airplane it went into a hideous dive with crazy flips it shouldnt be able to do, i flicked out of auto into manual and gained control and near landing a flicked to FBWA which is did and flew fine like that on approach but switched back into manual just incase.

Before picking the plane up I noticed the Compass?Gps module had got free and was on the wing...could this have caused that crazy flipping? If not then im assuming it broke free on touchdown though the landing was alright...

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If your compass got loose then the plane's attitue estimation would be wildly wrong causing it to do all sorts of bad things. this could lead to a stall or a condition where it thinks it's pitched up and is actually pitched down so the auto pilot will apply the wrong control to correct the situation.

I have had a lot of trouble with the compasses not calibrating well, not holding their calibration ect so I have gone beck to using the GPS heading which is not as good in cross wind but hasn't let me down like the compasses have.

Thanks for letting me know :) I know I just have to learn how to sort the camera trigger, 

Ahh that sucks, I did the compass a couple times then shimmed it level and left it there for 10 ish minutes and never had a problem apart from it coming loose and floating in the breeze haha..thats a nice simple fix for once though haha

@Michael, I will be soon getting a X5. can u please post your X5 param file. that would save me time and that time can be utilized for fine tuing the params further. ravi

Yeh no worries :)  Im off to bed now and the laptop is still in the car, Ill post them tomorow along with servo travel and CG...just to save faffinf since cg and servo travel will likely effect it :)

oh and dont use the standard fins, if you look around not mayn people have anything good to say about the X5 which I think is due to the fins(Not enough vertical) ... But mine flies very nicely... may not look quite as nice but it'll do :)


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