APM 2.6 v3.0.1: I miss Armed "Motor Spin". MOT_SPIN_ARMED gone?

I have a few older ArduCopters, and really liked the way they turn on the motors at low idle speed when the ship is armed.  That's a very clear visual indication of Arming and Disarming, and served as a reminder when approaching, and showing all motors working.

The new software (3.0.1 Y6 configuration) has only the LED indication for arming, and it's hard to see when nestled into the frame in daylight.

I found references to MOT_SPIN_ARMED parameter:


Which is precisely what I'm looking for in this new Y6.

This parameter is not listed in the full listing, or the settings shown in the CLI.  Is this parameter not present in 3.0.1?  Is there something similar?  I'd really like to bring it back.

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I believe it was removed. Personally, I don't ever want motors spinning with throttle @ zero. A matter of preference really. Having said that, if it was disabled by default, why remove it?

Yes, I believe you are correct.. I searched the source code and there is no mention of MOT_SPIN_ARMED I could find.

I really miss it, and will see about adding it back.  Note that they did not spin quickly or with much force.. they were just barely ticking over at minimum ESC rate.

I've noticed that this software Disarms automatically at low-throttle after a time, so it's been confusing thinking it was armed when it was not.  Better than the alternative, sure, but I either need a brighter indicator, or sound, or something.

I was very surprised when arming a NAZA for the first time a few weeks ago. Props spin slowly when armed, did not expect that at all.
There have been many discussions regarding an arming LED or buzzer. Didn't pay much attention.

Arm before takeoff.
Autodisarm kicks in if you forget.

If the motors don't spin...

Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for.  Was it removed for APM 3.0.1?  I see the code in the git repository you pointed to, but not in APM 3.0.1 source I downloaded.

Sorry, I just did some more thorough checking, it wasn't removed, as it has just been added to master. Will be in AC3.1 most likely

Hi Bill, If it wasent removed and its not in the full parameter list, then where can we find it ?

(i too realy miss this, as my drone has a black house - HALL) 

Thanks in advance

Ahaa... found this thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/motors-always-spin-when-armed-mot... where it is stated that " the documentation is ahead of the release.  That feature won't be out until AC3.1."  

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