I've done lots of thread-searching but haven't found a fix; any help would be appreciated.

I am in the process of upgrading from APM 2.5 to APM 2.8. My problem is that I cannot get the GPS / Compass to work. It is (they are) a Ublox Neo module(s).

The MAG jumper next to the GPS connector is removed but even with it place I get 'Bad compass health' in Mission Planner.

I have plugged in two different GPS/Compass modules: one gives 'GPS: No GPS', the other 'GPS No fix'. I am unsure whether plugging them into the flight controller has friend them - the power LED's are unlit.

The compass connector has been pugged into the I²C connector and the connector below the GPS connector.

The connector is inserted like so:


I am sure I must have missed something obvious but I'll be blowed if I can work out what it is...



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Your gps pins are backwards. From top down it should be red, yellow/green, space and black.

@Tim Dickinson The OP has the APM 2.8, which is a clone and it's different from APM 2.5,2.6 pin layout.

@Hugh I don't see anything wrong with your configuration. I have APM 2.8 as well and i've done the same thing. You plug the five-lead connector on top of the GPS sign on your board and the 4-pin connector (which has only 2 cables) exactly at the bottom of it. From what i see in your picture it should be correct. Now i have uBLox NEO-6M GPS and i followed the instructions here to reprogram the module in order to make it work with APM. This and this may also help.

APM2.8 GPS pinouts:

Try to change Rx Tx.

Basic Question, but have you calibrated the compass?

Thanks All,

I tried Nicks suggestion of tweaking the Ublox software and APM21 - no change. It started working when I moved everything back to the APM 2.5 board, did the same update and then moved things back to the APM 2.8 board. 

Thanks again, I got there in the end.

- Hugh

hey Hugh, would you mind sharing your progression before and after progression?

as i have the same issue with my NEO 6M GPS module, its is a China made as i bought along with APM 2.8 (China made)

@nikos , i have the same issue with my China made NEO 6M GPS Module that bought along with my APM 2.8, i might try your steps to get this China made GPS module working.

By the way @nikos, what is your Firmware on your APM 2.8 ? i'm currently at the last firmware which is 3.2.1, it seems that to calibrate the motor we have to do it manually. (All-at-a-time) method. i might need a few guide in building up my quadcopter (F450).

I have had to check both boxes (internal and external)  in the mission planner to get mine to work even when I removed the jumper.  

Hugh, did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same exact problem. Tried the i2C port and the side port by the top GPS port and still no joy. I have a M8N GPS module, and the Arducopter with side ports. I've tried with the J2 jumper in and out. I noticed the head of the GPS is warm, but no light is flashing in it any more.

Pat Roy said:

I have had to check both boxes (internal and external)  in the mission planner to get mine to work even when I removed the jumper.  

Could you tell me what boxes your talking about and where I could find them? Thanks.

I too, am at my wits' end with trying to eliminate the BAD COMPASS HEALTH warning on a brand new 2.8. There is very little posted on You Tube that solves the issue. There is a post that pointed out a new jumper on the 2.8 board, next to the GPS port. The poster stated that removing the jumper disabled the on board compass. I found BAD COMPASS HEALTH with jumper in or out, and could not get north to be north on my Apm. I've about had it. I had the same issues with a 2.6 board, that never has flown either. I did the jumper severing thing... nothing helped the Compass situation.

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