i have a APM 2.8 and i was using a spektrum ar6200 Rx ppm
i "upgraded" to a Frsky x4r sbus
everything seemed to go well with the radio calibration
but now the quad wont fly
it tips to the right when i try to take off
this quad flew fine with the spektrum i just needed more channels that i had on the dx6i
i have re-calibrated the esc , the accelerometers and the magnetometer as well as flashed the firmware
with no change
i can swap the radio back to the spektrum and re-calibrate everything again and it flies fine


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First I am a new guy.  I have a similar problem with x4rsb and amp 2.8.  Trying to use SBUS. From what I understand there are three possible solutions.

1.  sbus to ppm convert. telemetry and servo are different not sure this will handle both.

2.  sbus inversion hack  some soldering. one wire for the telemetry one for the servo input. 

3. There is a firmware update for the ATmega32U2 that will convert the sbus siqnal to ppm. This might work but conflicting information on the firmware update.  I would like to find the source code.

a. Still more questions than answers. I read that ppm has slow response than sbus so which of these works best in that area?

b. I could do the soldering on the xr4sb to un-invert the subus signal. I like this idea the best. But I am not sure the APM 2.8.8 supports sbus inverted or not.

I will keep looking but if anyone can help me, please do.



i used the firmware hex to get sbus working
but never solved my problem

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