I have on order an APM2.8 with the M8N GPs/compass option.

What I need now is  a manual,wiring & installation info as well as software to calibrate/install the control on my quad copter.

I tried the 3DR site but found nothing.

Any assistance is appreciated!


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Any feedback on the APM 2.8 like good/bad etc?

I went to the site but any page I tried to go to came back as "this page not available"

Any particular file I should look for ?

I need an install and wiring manual.


You sould start at the beginning, "Home" and read everything, then do it again, and again, until you start to understand how things work. If you just want a quad to fly, with little input from you, get a phantom or one of the many clones. BTW, an APM 2.8 is a clone/knockoff.

Thanks much steve!

I do fly an Eflite Blade 350 QX3 quad.

I'd like to know the wiring for the LED's that confirm GPS lock and system armed.

What is the arming procedure? I'm using my Spektrum DX6 radio

Any chance I could have your personal mail address so I could contact you directly?

Mine is arissluap@gmail.com

Send mail any time.

All the information is there Paul, just start on page one and work trough it. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-apm-board-leds/ There is too much for one person to help you with via email. Its all in the wiki, which really is an excellent resource.

ok I'll struggle through it all.I have not seen the arming procedure yet though.

Thanks again!

You are a big help.

It took a bit of navigating but I seemed to have found all the info I was looking for.

I'd like to add external LED's for armed and gps lock.I'm putting together a 700mm quad frame using 3536 800kv brushless motors and probably 10x4.5 props. 3S 5000mah lipo

One last question.I'm told that the APM 2.8 is a clone.

A clone of what?

An APM 2.5 or APM 2.6 depending on if it has an internal compass or not.

It has an external module with GPS & compass.I guess it is a APM 2.6 clone then.

Not bad for $40

The module is an M8N

Where can I find info on adding external LED's for Arming and GPS lock?

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