Yay I got my APM 2 delivered yesterday. Thanks to all of you who have been working hard to deliver this beautiful product.

What is unclear to me at the moment is:

 - how to set APM 2 into CLI mode (switch is gone?)

 - how far is the firmware compatible with APM 2?

 - Is the mission planner working with APM 2 properly (downloading logs seems to be impossible without cli mode) ?



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Yes.. reading that it seems they numbered all of the APM2 orders, and were able to produce and ship 906 of them. Your order is 979. Looks to me like you didn't make the first batch :(

No they  are producing 1000....so that puts me in the first batch,,,,,That states that they have shipped 906 and mine is 73 from being produced and shipped.

Hell, I'm 18580, I may just make it in :)

I sen email last week an havnt got a response me order number was 18524 and if your 18527 I should be getting mine soon to. However, nothing from sales at this time myself.
I sent them a email still no answer.

Please follow the Twitter feed for status updates. 

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