I need some help in setting up yaw PID's. My TBS Discovery with APM2.6 has a poor yaw performance. It seems not very locked and what is most annoying it is slowly oscillating which is most visible in onboard video footage.

To get to the root of the problem I did some log analysis and found that actual_yaw is indeed tracking nav_yaw but leaves some +-3 degrees slow oscillations. Please have a look at this log screen and my current PID's. Any ideas where to start or how to systematically set up the yaw PID's?



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Hi Robert, I have been working on a similar problem all day. I would like to see if this is the same problem you are facing. Do you have some logs I can look at.

The first thing I would do is increase your IMax terms to 1000 and see if that fixes the problem.

Hi Leonard, sorry if my post wasn't clear. The settings in the screenshot I just posted GREATLY improved my yaw control compared to the default settings. Did you get the log file I posted earlier? That log file matches the unedited video I posted and that flight was using the default yaw settings.

Here is a video I made with the new yaw settings (my screenshot above):

I just installed Arducopter 3.2 and I noticed that I cannot set the Yaw IMAX greater than 327. Still, I went out and did a couple of flights and I did not have any "spin outs" even when turning at high speed. Here are the current settings:

Those YAW-PIDs are really good! I've applied those on my TBS Disco and they work flawless.

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards

How did you guys exceed the limits? I would like to try an higher P than 0.250 but there is no chance to do it....


Massimo Tabai have you figured it out why we can't put a value in past 0.250?

I don't know  why in the main page you can't exceed 0.250 but I found you can use the value you want without limits in the "Full Parameter List".

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