hi has any one had there quad copter 3.1 shoot into the air from hover as ive had this happen to 2 different quads both apm2.5 vibration levels below + - 2  /9 sats hop below 1.6 as shown with telemtry

andropilot  on my tablet . this has never happened previous to apm v3 .01

this has happened 5 times with varing degrees of damage

ive read else where of this happening in alt and loiter due to vibration

but all these events were in stabalize not changing mode

any ideas appreciated


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Logs plese

its ok sorted found the culprit through looking at my logs

gps sat count went to zero causing it to think it had breach the  theshold

and motors went full bore 

 faulty gps lead

but some logs reported rtl others did not

but it has cured it

phew was running out of props

hot glue gunned connector on gps and now flies great


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