APM- Camera Gimbal feature twitching spuraticly....need input!

So the past few times Ive flown my APM/3DR Quad Copter my gimbal stab. system will twitch left and right a few times for a few seconds every couple of seconds. Now this twitch only happens on my tilt (left/right) servo, and i have tried to swap old servos with new servos and im still getting the same twitch. This twitch also happens in flight, and before/after flight on the ground or in the air. Has anyone had this issue before what can I do to correct this issue?

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I had servo twitching due to 915mhz telemetry radio interference.  If you have the telemetry radio - unplug it from the APM and see if your servo twitching goes away.  If this is the problem you can try moving wires etc. to see if you can make it better.  I fixed my problem by adding a small capacitor 33pf or so inside my servos between the signal lead and ground.

I actually don't have a telemetry or wireless video set up so it cant be that radio interference... I haven't updated my ppm-encoder on my apm 1.0 so i wonder if thats the problem? il look into adding a capacitor to my servo though...do you have any links or instructions on how to do that safely, do i have to break open the servo?

Ok - you must have a different issue.  Maybe someone else can help.  The capacitor value I mentioned is a good value to short out the 915Mhz radio signal.

Try moving the servo wires around.  If you have a ferrite try adding it to the servo wire.  If you have enough length wrap the servo wire around the ferrite a couple of times.  These are simple things to try.

Hopefully someone else can add some suggestions

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