Today I was flying my Quad and went to take off, pushed the throttle up just a little to make the props spin and then after more input the quad was not responding... Went to repeat the process but the second time it didnt even moved the props :( . Took the board out of the quad to test it alone with the mission planner, 1st attempt didnt connect, second attempt connected but after a second or two stoped responding, reconnecting failed, took off the usb, plug in again and connect, after a second not respond... Im getting frustrated here. Please some advise Im a noob with this board and I was having fun!! 

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Reload your firmware and do a setup again. 

Did it, but keeps doing the same, after it connects for 1 or 2 seconds it keeps the green light ON (A)  and the tx light blinking at 1 second intervals but nothing on the flight data status panel

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