APM Copter 2.9.1.b has been released to the Mission Planner and is also posted in the downloads area.
2.9.1b is a maintenance release incorporating changes to 4 default parameters that have been optimized since 2.9.1 was released.  There are also 4 minor bug fixes.  There are no code function changes or additional features.
The changes are:
1) reduce default INS_MPU6K_FILTER to 20hz
2) reduce InertialNav Z-axis time constant to 5 (was 7)
3) increased max InertialNav accel correction to 3 m/s (was 1m/s)
4) reduce yaw_rate P default to 0.20 (was 0.25)
5) bug fix for alt_hold being passed as int16_t to get_throttle_althold_with_slew which might have caused problems if you climbed over 320m.
6) bug fix for throttle after acro flip (was being kept at min throttle if pilot switched out of ACRO mode while inverted)
7) bug fix to acro trainer to do with roll correction 
8) prevent cli from being entered more than 20seconds after reboot.
Users are recommended to:
    Update Mission Planner to 1.2.41 and
    Update their flight code to 2.9.1b from the Firmware tab on Mission Planner. There is no need to go through a new configuration process in the Mission Planner.


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Thank you RickP!

Thank you Bruno!

I'm with 3.0.rc4. Randy, excellent loiter am with mtk gps is excellent, that if no wind for the moments rtl herror as 2 meters, hold alt excellent.


Ok, so the ppm encoder (the AVR 32u2 chip) is also responsible for handling the usb communication.  It definitely sounds like it's fried.  It's possible to program the 2560 with an FTDI cable but I think basically the board is toast...or at least that 32u2 chip is and unless you're pretty handy with smd soldering and have a replacement...best to just get a new board.


     Ok, glad that it's working well and thanks for the feedback.  If you find any issues, please don't hesitate to raise them.  We've found two small bugs so far (1 already corrected) so there will be an -rc5 but hopefully it will have only a few minor changes from -rc4 and I suspect we will quickly move from -rc5 to the official release.

Thank you very much. 


The new RCmapper in master has wrong init values for the Copter. They are 1 off. Roll should return a 0 from the mapper instead of 1 and pitch should return 1 instead of 2.

When loading rc4 the radio calibration will be wrong. In my copy I updated


-AP_GROUPINFO("ROLL",        0, RCMapper, _ch_roll, 1),

+AP_GROUPINFO("ROLL",        0, RCMapper, _ch_roll, 0),

I'll test flight with master hopefully later today.



Hi Randy,

In the new RC4 release,
6) RTL returns to initial yaw heading before descending

Does this also apply to guided mode?

I'm still on v2.9.1b...But will be testing RC4 in a few days.
One thing I noticed in Guided mode, is that soon as its activated, the copter turns torwards me.
It would be nice if it just stayed oriented in the same direction when Guided mode was first activated.

Also in Guided mode.  The copter seems to drop to about 3 feet off the ground and hover there.
Is there a separate Alt for Guided mode setting?

Basically what happens now, is that I activate Guided mode,
the copter turns towards me and drops to 3 feet into a hover.




     Thanks for the info.  Tridge has also found the problem and you should see a fix shortly.

     By the way, I've created a branch for the AC3.0 release.  This will insulate the release from changes in master but it means pulling and testing "latest" from the mission planner or firmware.diydrones.com is probably not the right place to go.  Better to go to the github link above.

Hi Walter,

That was my bug - I've pushed a fix, and autotest is running over it now.

Thanks for letting us know!

Cheers, Tridge


Thank Tridge for the quick fiix. I'll be using the github link. I might try your version today, however there is a fair amount of wind currently.

Regards! Walter

Thank you for the quick fix,when will it be in mission planner please

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