Hey guys,

Question regarding power and brownouts.

I am using a regulated dedicated BEC to power my APM. My question is is this enough to STOP brownouts ? I am not powering any servo, just APM 2.6 and receiver.

I am really trying to prevent brownouts. The power module is not an option.

Thanks in advance

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Yes. Just make sure it's < 6V and can provide at least 1 amp.

As long as the normal "only use 80% of battery amps" rule is adhered to.

Thanks. I have a 4amp dedicated BEC connected on the imputs rail, removed BEC signal wire and have J1 installed.

Question for you guys!  Not sure where to ask this but I have a 2.6 apm/gps/compass/osd/telem....  I also use the apm 5.v power module.  I noticed since I added the osd I have brownout that ends in a flip of death!  I have read others having the same issue with random parts with all these items plugged in. By adding the osd does it max out the bec or something like this?  

I tried another osd unit and same thing.  But when not plugged in it's fine.

I took the telemetry unit off left the osd plugged in and worked fine as well!


My next step is just to add a bec and power the osd on it's own.  My last ditch effort to fix my problem. I noticed there is a diode added on my 2.6 board not found in eagle files everyone is always showing!  Everyone calls it a mistery part....  But it's not it's a diode and I'm leaning toward this part being the cause!

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