there is a way to customize the arm/disarm TX sticks routine?

especially the disarming is very erratic...or maybe is the way it is but when i use the NAZA the disarming is much faster and more intuitive...(down-left + down-right)

the 5 sec. on ardupilot are non sense..

am i doing somthing wrong?

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I'd be interested in this as well. Sometimes props spin up after the copter has landed in RTL or Land and it flips over before I can disarm. Faster would be better!

I realise this is an old thread but has anyone found a work around this issue of slow disarming?

Seeing as you cannot have an emergency stop whilst using the APM2.8/2.6 boards if there is ever an issue you have to wait 5 seconds to disarm the copter. This is a serious health hazard and a sure fire way to burn out your motors! Even if you could flick a switch to disarm the motors, the likely hood of holding your sticks in down-left + down-right during a flight is unlikely, so the disarming time could be minute - 1 second would suffice. 

Please help!



     Slave channel 7 to a switch and set it to motor cut-off in the configuration screen. Must have 7+ channel tx as mission planner wont let you use channel 6 for this function. Motors disarm immediatly when switch is pulled, copter disarms within 3-5 seconds.

      Hope this helps,


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