Hello, guys, I am trying to make a FPV rover using apm 2.8(I think it is cloned from China)

and after I finished the hardware, the most important APM is not responding to the computer. 

I powered the APM with 4.94v NIMH rechargeable batteries, but I don't think the voltage will matter because I have seen my APM working perfectly with the 1 cell LI-PO batteries.

Also, I see some weird LED codes. The green light (power) only light up and the GPS & arming (blue&red) light doesn't light up, and also the mission planner gives me NO HEARTH BEAT PACKAGE RECEIVED error and I can't upload new firmware for my APM (it says that there was an unexpected error). So I guess my APM is not responding to my computer.

What will be the problem? I hope someone can help me with this.


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hey guys, problem solved with using Arduino IDE. no need to reply now.

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