I was trying to cal my ESC's. having a hard time because the ESC's are powering the board. So I thought to myself (never a good idea ) why not run power to it directly. I had a servo wire lying around so I put +V to the red and -V to the black. plug it in then poof up in smoke!!! I just hope the IMU is still good. I can't believe the luck I am having with this.

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Ouch! That was 11.1v straight into the board? If so, that would have killed anything, including your RC receiver had you plugged it into that. Which board did the smoke come from?
Hello, do not read English well and I can not understand the translator, you can make a drawing or diagram of the connection you have don?

or as you said Chris, who put the APM voltage?
I did have the IMU and receiver pluged in. The smoke came from the mux chip on the AMP. I just did a bone head move.
Hi, I just removed the mux (74LS157D) added on the imu and loaded the APM_ADC_TEST and that works. I have ordered another APM and 90 deg pins. I will give it another try.

I am new to the electric RC hobby and for some reason I was not thinking. I am actually an electrician and deal with different voltages every day.
Well I hope everyone is having a better day than I am.
Don't feal too bad. I have blown my mux chip once also.
did you try to fix it?
You can make a solder jumper between legs of mux chip if you burn it.. But next time it will be your main MCU that burns so be carefull :)

Like they say... Accidents do happen
Thanks for the Info.
I tested my receiver and it works. Then i jumped pl4-out0, pl5-out1, pb6-out2,and pb7-out3. But the light for the PPM never comes on.

Thanks Again

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