The crazy man in me is trying to stuff an APM into a cheapie HK250GT as a method to waste an inordinate amount of time. (and likely also money)

It is a great lesson in weight reduction and miniaturization with many more lessons to be learned - probably the hard way.

I'm especially proud of the combination APM and TFR4B using a single CPPM signal. This will get glued into the chassis with a couple of dobs if silicone at a point slightly before it makes good sense to do so.

A lot of wiring, balancing, fiddling and cursing to go. I need to figure out how to configure Arducopter for traditional heli mode as it allows you to select the codebase but doesn't offer me trad heli under the hardware config menu. Any clues...?

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Wow that thing is small.  A PX4 FMU without the IO board would make a lot of sense for that thing, if only the code supported that option.

I'm not sure about your question on the configuration?

Its not a firmware mode as such, rather a specific firmware for traditional heli, quad, hex, Y6 etc each with an individual firmware that needs to be loaded onto the APM.

So if this APM has been used with a quad for example, it needs a different firmware. Loaded using mission planner.


But how about the damping on APM? Will it still work fine under such vibration?

Xin - good question.  I will be mounting (glueing) the APM on with two silicone blobs but it will be sucking and seeing.  I know that helicopters are devices for turning vibration into flight, but I will try to balance everything as best I can too.

Stu, I did download the trad heli firmware, but when I go into hardware config in mission planner, it still gives me options for what form of quadcopter I am running.  Odd!  Should I just ignore this setting?

Rob, I did consider a PX4, but the learning curve is too steep for now - I struggle enough keeping up with APM code whenever I return to it.

Hi Andrew.

Actually you still have to choose the frame type in Mission Planner after flashing heli firmware. You'll see an "X" type of quadcopter, there is also a helicopter icon in that mode as far as I remember, choose the one with helicopter icon. I don't know why it's like that, but not big issues there though, as long as the frame type is chosen, it's good to go.

I'm using PX4 and APM at the same time. They're mostly the same in terms of software. It's also a great controller, highly recommended.

I'm not sure how your APM will perform without damping, Rob told us that there is low pass filter with IMU data, it should be fine if the vibration is not too bad. Please let us know how the maiden flight goes, good luck :)

I've attempted this in the past but I just made a really big mounting area between the body and landing gear.  I never successfully flew it though and the code was not as solid back then (it was 2 years ago).

My guess, based on casual observation and not rigorous testing, is that it will probably fly just fine without any damping at all, as long as you get things close enough.  The changes made to the DLPF in the MPU really changed how the entire system works.  My 450 heli has minimal damping, and at one point it was unflyable due to vibration. This happened after a crash, which I only found out much later had actually bent the motor shaft. One of the few things I didn't check.  Regardless, after going to the new filter, it flew great, even with the bent motor shaft causing a lot of vibration. 

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