I'm trying to connect my APM 2.5 to the mission planner software.  When I plug in the USB the the APM starts up and the A & C lights start flashing, however after a few seconds the board lets out a loud sustained beep and does not end until I remove the USB.  

I'm not sure where to start to diagnose this problem.  Any ideas?

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To the best of my knowledge the APM2.5s sold by 3DR do not have a speaker onboard so are you sure the loud, sustained beep is coming from the APM. Are you sure it is not coming from the PC/laptop that you are running the MP on? Do you have any ESCs and motors hooked to the APM servo output?

Did you purchase your APM from 3DR or is it a clone?


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer


You are right.  I figured out the sound is coming from a dongle which is connected the sixth place of what I'm guessing are the aux ports on the side of the board.  When I unplug it, the noise obviously stops.

I should probably add that this copter was the qu4d built by steadidrone.

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