Can ‘auto grid’ be used for elevations rather than plan views?

The ‘auto grid’ feature in APM Planner looks like a nice way to capture a grid of terrain photos from a downward-facing camera.  But what about a vertical grid of photos for a wall surface?  In Egyptology we often have exactly this need -- in order to document relatively large walls, such as this pylon from the temple of Ramses II near Luxor:

Egypt: Ramesseum picture 1

Does anyone have any experience in planning missions to capture grids of photos from drones for such walls?  We've used custom pole aerial rigs to do this in the past, for multi-view stereo image processing.  We'd love to do the same with drones.

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This is the first request we have had for automatic vertical mosaicing capability. It is quite possible but currently you would have to plan the mission by hand.

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