Hi. I have a Hexacopter with Arducopter 2.017 and it flies well.

I have loaded 2.018 and usig Apm a motor of my hexa has burned.

Has this happened anyone?


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just for illustration purposes: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Radio


Although, I see much more sensible as Jason's procedure.

I think that should replace the current yellow square.

I have 2 1280's here, and happens sometimes during boot and sometimes durin loads of firmware

I have a 1280 1.4 board as well. Just got a  2560 but using it in a funjet so maybe i'll swap the two and see.


as per the previous post - this warning in the Wiki is confusing at best and may actually not be giving the correct advice.



I think it would be most fair to many off us who have come from other platforms to post a fair warning about the USB and battery issue instead of the above link



I haven't done a copter but I have some safety tips from one motor craft. Never upload firmware with a motor pluged in. If your uploading you don't need ESC power you have USB power. This simple step could save a lot of motors. I use an automotive fuse for the ESC power and a separate supply for the avionics/servos. It's on the back of the plane outside and I use it more as a motor switch. I have always seen servos jump and jitter during programing, didn't have to worry about getting cut or any thing. I had a motor spin up once on the bench and decided not to ever let it happen again. Think about safety people, yours and your equipment.

Thanks for every answers.

Ok. I alwais disconnect CES while I use USB but if I want to configurate the transmiter the CES have to be connected. Can I calibrate the transmiter with Ces disconected? This could be the solution.


Fah Pah kit ESC

smoked one motor after a second or two of jittering, the motor continued to work for several flights after this, but eventually died. I do not recall what arm it was on.


I think that there is no reason some boards do have the problem and others do not have it.


I feel that all boards have the problem, but only some users are seing it because they have unprotected ESCs or because they always disconnect ESC power or PWM inputs before uploading firmware.


For me, on a 2560 board, i always see heavy noise on PWM outputs during firmware upload ( can be checked connecting servos on those outputs) :

During upload, CH3 PWM output is targeted
During verify, CH4 PWM output is targeted

I see as well some noise and large PWM signal excursions when rebooting the board.

This is the warning we have in the manual in several places. It's what I do and I've never had trouble:

where did you buy those indicators?

or are they self made?

Sorry, but what's wrong with bullets?

I thought they were bullet proof reliable.

Shall I concern about them?

Bullets are only as good as your soldering of them. Some people are great at soldering them, others get flux on the shaft or don't realize that the ROHS cables have lead-free solder that melts 100 degrees higher than leaded solder, so they end up with a cold solder joint where the two solder types meet. 


It's also possible to have low-quality connectors that simply don't fit right, but that isn't the issue with the official gear.

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