I'm a first time APM user in Multicopter, but not arduplane. I'm having an strange problem here, I made almost all the hardware configurations required (but not compassmot) when I start the motors (without propellers) even if I keep the throttle at minimum it keeps going up and accelerating, I used acro or stabilize mode and the result is the same, doesn't matter the position of the throtlle, as soon as I let the stick in the place, it will go up... and if I change position it goes to the original throttle again.

What I'm doing wrong?


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Seem's quite simple. Making a video of a problem is something they know how to do with no prior experience with this hobby/APM. Figuring out how to get to logs, download them, figure out which type of log would be useful and then uploading them is quite a bit more complicated for someone new to the APM.

Im not sure how that wasn't obvious :(


I have pretty the same issue with my hexacopter with APM 2.5 and last AC. The mottor keeps accelerating at the beginning even if throttle stick is at minimum position (all symptoms are the same as described above.

So, have you already found the solution or understood why this behaviour occurs?

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