hey again all! I thought it would be cool to have a dedicated thread for guys who build bigger hex and octocopters with apm where we can share tips and advice regarding tech specs, builds, code, firmware and whatever else comes up.

Firstly, how many of you are building bigger AP rigs with APM? We've been building all our commercial SteadiDrone RTF kits with APM with great results.

so, who else is out there, lets get chatting.

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Flew the new h6x today and it did feel A LOT smoother and softer than even our big octo. Don't have the tech really to sientifically prove it's better, but I 'know' it is. It can't be worse than not having anything behind the tube, I opted for this rather than wrapping a helical strake type thing as I thing that even though the helical might be very efective at removing the vortex shedding/turbulance, I don't think it's as aerodynamic as this is, you don't see helical strakes on planes (not that I know of) it's seems to work well and is easy to make, very light weight and looks cool :)

Hey man, love the new design. When will it be in production? Considering an order soon! (I had emailed you a few days back asking pricing and shipping to US questions). Look forward to flying this state-of-the-art design!

Hey Brian, i did getyour email and did reply, you not get anything ? weird.

we are already in production and taking orders, and building RTF kits. Still cant believe how smooth and solid this h6x is, will try get som video up soon.  i will try pop you another email.

Hi Duran im also in South Africa ,Pretoria see you use the T Motors i used to have them but my quad fly away im using the avroto motors that is almost a replica off the T motors.

Do you have a y6 would like to know what settings you fly.

I also have the Hitec Aurora9 radio will you mind post pics as off how you mount the antenas off the optima9?

Really liking the design.. Very well thought out.

hello Andre, yes the T-motors are super smooth and very very well built, have not had a single issue with them yet, and we use plenty. we dont have a y6, but do have quads, hex and octos. the aurora 9 antennas i just tape to the tubes and the bottoom side.

thans Dean, yeah, we're still tweaking and fine tuning, but they are flying and performingvery well!

This work great !!!   Tri hardly makes a sound !!

Eddie Weeks



You mentioned that you use an APM2 as a standalone gimbal controller.  Are you getting good results with it?  Do you happen to know that the output rate is from the controller to the servos?  I have found that there aren't many tuning options with the gimbal controls.  Have you modified the code at all?



Hey again all you BIG drone fliers :) Just a quick update on our SteadiDrone airframes and full RTF kits, our airframe range is now available on CANADA DRONES as well! if there are other stores interested in reselling these really high-end but affordable frames let us know, any time.

Here are a few pics of the latest tweaks we;ve made as follows:

New quick release motor arm system, we got rid of the 3 pin bullet plug system and have developed a great new mount system that allows the arms to still very quicly and easily be removed and then dropped down to fit in a carry case, ( we use the pelican 0340 and 0350 cube cases. It takes maybe two minutes from in the case to setup and ready to flyl!

We've also made a new bottom plate (and removed the top plate) and all the ESC controllers now sit under the airframe, covered by the ESC plate, this gives up better staillity with the weight sitting lower, it shortens the + and ground power lines from each ESC A LOT but most importantly it gets the APM/GPS much further away from the EMI from the esc, our rsults are amazing, the smoothest raft I've ever flown.

Oh and it still looks AMAZING! :)

Here are some images. Please go check out  the SteadiDrone wbsite www.steadidrone.com

Any feedback and comments welcome, i would also like to se other frame designs you guys are building.

oh yes, the landing gear for the H6X also simply pulls out for very quick setup and remove for traveling.

I will pass this on to some of the retailers here in the U.K

Thanks Dean :)

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