hey again all! I thought it would be cool to have a dedicated thread for guys who build bigger hex and octocopters with apm where we can share tips and advice regarding tech specs, builds, code, firmware and whatever else comes up.

Firstly, how many of you are building bigger AP rigs with APM? We've been building all our commercial SteadiDrone RTF kits with APM with great results.

so, who else is out there, lets get chatting.

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Has anyone had success programming waypoint routes into their heavy copters?  I'm flying a 3kg Octo which stays in the air for 20 minutes, and it isn't navigating well.  I mean it follows the waypoints roughly, but it builds up too much speed and sometimes overshoots waypoints, making crazy banked turns to get back on track.

I've just built an Octo using APM 2.5. After calibrations, i did a PID setting test (fastening a pole along one axis). The Octo is fairly stable. But i have no control over the perpendicular axis (be it roll or pitch). Can anyone please advice on what could be the possible errors? Thanks.

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