Hello guys im newbie here, i use APM 2.5 for boat i use 1 brushless and servo to control the boat. 
My question where am i put the servo ? it is in  analog pin or output pin ? 


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I suggest that you conduct a bench test where you do the following: 1) Select and load a waypoint that is either to the right or left of where you have hull setup on your bench. The waypoint should be at least 3 meters from the hull. 2) Power up the Pixhawk and wait until you have GPS lock, the Yaw heading (Compass) is correct as to where the bow is pointing, and then arm the Pixhawk. 3) Verify that you have Manual control of the steering and throttle. 4) Go to the Auto Mode and verify that the steering servo will move the Fan in the correct direction to point the bow of the hull towards the selected waypoint be it to the right or left of the hull. 5) If the servo moves the Fan to a position that will not point the bow to the selected waypoint, that is where your problem is and must be corrected. 6) If the servo moves the Fan to a position that will point the bow to the selected waypoint, then you have a problems elsewhere in your navigation controller.

i have problem in point 5 sir

regards Seno,
Its someone can help me by send the wiring of the apm ?


Go to the Radio Calibration screen in Mission Planner and check the "reverse" box next to the Roll calibration bar and see if that helps.

This assumes that you have a 3D GPS lock and an HDOP of 2.0 or less.



I thought when I looked at the Tlog there was no change in Ch1 or Ch3 output when the mode was switched to auto.  The HUD said auto but nothing happened.  At this point, need to look again,  the hdop may have been over 2.  If the hdop was to high I would think it would say hold instead.


David R. Boulanger

Hello i just try that, but my servo gone wrong in dercition if my first waypoint in A the servo moves to other side. Please help me. or send me the parrameter setting that you change on tuning for rover. 

regards. Seno

i had follow all the intruction in the wiki but my boat doesnt go correctly in mission mode. 
can you give the basic parameters and advane parameters that change from ardurover basic?

that is i put my gps receiver and apm, it is too near to motors?

regards seno


You can try changing the RC1_ Rev to -1 and see if that helps.  The best way to trouble shoot in my opinion is this.  Does it work properly in MANUAL.  If yes then try STEERING MODE.  If yes then try AUTO.  AUTO should be the last MODE you try when setting up for the first time.  STEERING and AUTO use some of the same parameters.


David R. Boulanger


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