Yes this is one photo of 8 taken on my very first successful photo taking APM mission, today.

Photo taken after waypoint achieved using APM cmd.

More details to come later (probably in wiki/manual)

A couple of things about the photo mission I'm not happy with and shall attempt to rectify.

Anybody else taken some photos at waypoints? Love to see them.


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Brett's code is actually a mission so testing it isn't possible on the ground (without some trickery). I've replied to your question on the official thread.

Feri, getting all parts to work together is often tricky. One really needs to test one part at a time. Servo throw, cmd, location. I (and others) may have some more notes in forum and manual that may help. Sorry it has been a while since i did this and now it just works.


Ground testing is possible by disabling the prop (cables or parameter) and carrying the plane around.



Great shot you're very good at what you're doing. Keep it Up.

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