I'm trying to compile a list of aircrafts that are using an APM or Pixhawk autopilot that have been approved for a COA. I was hoping I could get some help. Could you list any systems\manufacturers that have a system utilizing one of these autopilots that has been approved for a COA by someone?

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Certificate of Autorization

Thanks to everyone so far. I appreciate the help. Joseph, do you know the names of the manufacturers? Are these systems that NMSU has built themselves? Additionally, does anyone know of any systems built with APM or Pixhawk that was put together by themselves that received a COA?

Virginia Tech has quite a few APM operating platforms, 1 55lb UAV and 2 hex's, as well as a hex and another 55lb UAV operating a Pixhawk.  All of which have a COA and 2 of which are being operated by Virginia Tech's affiliated test site for the FAA.

Which 3DR systems?  I'm starting the airworthiness process for the US Navy to have the Aero-M and X8-M system certified.  I'd be interested in discussing what information you supplied the FAA regarding software qualification and standards.

Also two IRIS+ quads, and a SIG Rascal 110" all running on pixhawk.

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