I've just released APM:Plane 2.76 with an important bug fix.

Please see the release announcement for details.

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Please, find here-attached an excel file that compares my parameters between 2.74 and 2.76 firmwares


Hi Eladio,

They are parameters that have been replaced with equivalent parameters in 2.76. Some of them were deprecated and not used in 2.74 unless you set ALT_CTRL_ALG to force the old code to be used.

Specifically these parameters were removed as part of the move to TECS:


Unless you had specifically set ALT_CTRL_ALG to override the default you would not have been using these parameters in 2.74 either, as TECS was introduced as the default in 2.74.

These 4 parameters are in 2.76, so you should be seeing them:


These two parameters were replaced with BATT_AMP_OFFSET and BATT_AMP_PERVOLT in 2.76 as part of the batter library unification work. Old values are auto-migrated to the new parameters:


Cheers, Tridge

Hi Eladio,

The missing log columns are because your log wrapped, which meant the FMT lines are missing. Those lines give the columns for the logs. The default columns in MP have not been updated for the new release yet. I have sent a patch to Michael to fix it.

2) worse take off with 2.76 than 2.74b. I don't know why but throttle starts later in hand launch after upgrade firmware to 2.76 until the point that now it don't take off. I will attach tlogs in a next reply.

You can control that with TKOFF_THR_DELAY. The default now is 2, which means 0.2s delay. This was changed to make hand launch safer with pusher props. If you know your plane is safe with zero delay you can set it to zero.

Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge,

Many thanks for the information and the explanation. Actually I have checked my parameters again and I still have YAW2SRV_DAMP, YAW2SRV_IMAX, WP_LOITER_RAD and WP_RADIUS in 2.76 (I don't know why I couldn't see it before). And I hadn't set ALT_CTRL_ALG to override the default so my "problems" should not be related with these changes.

Nevertheless I think that something has changed with the upgrade to 2.76 that causes the problems with logs and "lazy take-off" (if you let me simplify it in that way) I posted before. What do you think about that?

Thanks again for your support.


Hi Tridge,

Sorry, I hadn't seen this reply before. Thanks for check it out.

Regarding TKOFF_THR_DELAY, I din't change that between upgrades so I wonder if there is something else that makes AMP react slower (In theory, 2.76 should be more efficient in data processing). Anyway, I'll do more tests adjusting it a little more (although I don't have much room for safe hand launching).

Hope it works better next time because I had a rather good setup before upgrade (after a long, long time with setup flights).


Hi Tridge,

please, forget this last request. I have found your previous reply to this question today.

Thanks again.


Is it same case with this?  http://www.diydrones.com/group/apmusergroup/forum/topics/apm-2-5-on... , It happened to me once..


Good find!

This does call up the question of whether this is getting too complicated? Corrections to corrections and such. Sometimes it would be preferrable buy simplicity for a known set of inaccuracies that are not really significant.

Did somebody experiment with using the throttle output and speed for acc. correction? I'd be happy to try but maybe it was already rejected?



Hi All,

I had a strange crash last weekend. I have APM with HK Clone which is flying on SkyEye. I was trying to see how long it can fly therefore i setup a mission and repeat it few times, after second or third repeat. It was entered to deadly spin and crashed i  try to switch to manual mode to recovery unfortunately, couldn't recover it. 

I would be glad if some expert could analyse the log files and tell me what is wrong. 




Please note all questions relating to new releases should now be addressed on the new official release thread in the new forums.




Hi Gary,

Just an observation. It does not appear that the devs are watching the new forum near as well as this old one.  Pop into the 2.76 thread on the new forum and see what's there. It kinda seems if you want your question to be looked at this is still the place. I guess it will take some time.

Butch these threads will not start here in the future so they will not be here to answer!

You are right it will take time.

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