I've just released APM:Plane 2.76 with an important bug fix.

Please see the release announcement for details.

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Why have the developers moved to the new forums?

I have lookd at the new site, and it doesn't look as good as this one. For at least the last 2 years users have come here for answers to problems, now we are asked to move everything to this new site.

Looking at the FEW questions that have been asked there, compared to the past releases of firmware, asking people to post there is a BUST.



The answer is in how you have both replied, ie inline my reply to Butch is below this one. These threads get too large and too disjointed. Ning search often breaks as well and then its all bets off here for finding stuff.

There are going to be changes around here when Ning 3 has been tested by enough sites for us to risk migrating the last 6 years worth of information.

Many many members wanted forums in the style now presented in the new forums.


Battery Voltage and current monitoring is quite accurate in in the latest Arduplane code loaded on  APM2.5 & APM2.6.  

During a flight with Arduplane 2.76 (APM2.5 with 3DR power module), My plane ( SIRIUS ) was airborne at 150mt Alt, it was in guided mode. I was getting battery voltage & mAh consumed. 

I was keeping eye on the Mission Planner in the Laptop suddenly the laptop restarted with blue screen might be due to temperature. I changed the mode via Tx When the Mission planner was restarted, it started its counter of consumed battery mAh from zero.

What is takes for the APM to keep full record of Batter mAh consumed and relay periodically via MAVLink so that if Mission planner is restarted then it should display the actual Battery mAh consumed.

I suspect that is a Mission Planner issue as both ArduCopter and ArduPlane already send battery statistics through the Mavlink stream. When using MinimOSD to display my HUD info I see Battery Voltage, Current Draw and "mAh used" in the display. Since that info is coming from APM in the Mavlink stream, Mission Planner should also be able to display it.

Any chance of getting an acoustic variometer into the arduplane code? I'm guessing it would require some external device to output sound into the vtx but I'm sure the APM would be up to the task of outputting a compatible signal. It would be perfect for gliders / sailplanes!

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